CRU goes global with its fibre optic conference in China

CRU Group is to hold its second conference on fibre optic cable November 2-4, 2016 in Wuhan, China. This leading optical fibre, cable and optoelectronics conference attracted over 400 delegates, from 14 countries in 2015 and this year is expected to attract as many as 600 attendees by creating a programme that includes more discussion at a global level.

More than 20% of the delegates are key commercial and technical decision makers in the sector's leading companies including: YOFC, China Mobile, China Unicom, Alcatel Lucent, FiberHome, Fujikura, Furukawa, Futong, Hengtong, Sterlite Technologies, ZTT, NTT and many others.

The conference to be hosted by Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable (YOFC) and will be held at Hilton Wuhan Optics Valley. Gold sponsors include ZTT, Futong Group, FiberHome and Hengtong. Silver sponsors are Heraeus, ShinEtsu, Prysmian, Nextrom, DSM, ASI Silica Machinery, amongst others.

China is the most influential force in the global industry: its share of the world market has grown exponentially through recent history, from 23% in 2005 to 56% at the present time.  In 2015 alone, China's largest cable customer, China Mobile, installed more optical cable than all the customers in N. America, Western Europe, and Eastern Europe combined.

China's impressive demand is only one side of the story. The global fibre optic cable industry has also started the year strongly and the impressive demand of 2015 shows no sign of slowing down.  Many of the world's top telecom carriers have large, multi-year network construction projects, and if anything, are exhibiting signs of higher fibre requirements.

The CRU World Optical Fibre and Cable Conference will discuss the most critical issues for the global industry:

- To what extent will the pace of construction of FTTH and 4G change after 2016, and how will that influence future fibre optic cable demand levels in China?
- How will 5G network construction and related requirements affect fibre demand?
- What is the prospect for more preform projects and the long-term outlook for the fibre and preform market?
- Could new initiatives in the power grid contribute to more demand for optical cables in the next few years?
- What is the prognosis for demand from CATV and radio networks in the future?
How will "smart-city" programs influence the demand from optical cables in the future

Confirmed speakers so far include:

- Changkun Yan, deputy president, YOFC, China
- Eiichi Satou, general manager, Strategic Plant Planning Department, NTT, Japan
- Ashwin Jaiswal, head - IT Business Consulting & Practice, Reliance   Communications, India
- Jan Vydra, vice executive president Photonics, Heraeus, Germany
- Alain Giraud, managing director, Nextrom, Austria
- Hiroyasu Sasho, general manager, Shin-Etsu, Japan
- Pratik Shah, global technical marketing director, DSM, US
- Ulrich Lossen, managing director, j-fiber GmbH, Germany
- Frank Dubbins, head of Industrial Sector, Domino, Germany
- Jan Schindler, manager Market Intelligence, Prysmian, Netherlands
- Barry Gill, director of Sales, Photon Kinetics, US
- Bendix De Meulemeester, global commercial director, Umicore, Belgium
- Richard Mack, principal consultant, Copper/Wire & Cable, CRU, US
- Yuya Pan, senior consultant, CRU, UK

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